All_Data files, chronological and with date


All_Data files, chronological and with date


Postby Ralph » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:15 pm

It would be useful if FAOSTAT could provide a chronological list of All_Data files released, including their release dates and links to the files, so the user could download only the All_Data files released after the user previously downloaded files. The option to “Download FAOSTAT database with one click” is excellent for the new bulk data user or the user who has not downloaded for a long time. However, for the user who downloads more frequently, there is redundancy in the complete sets of All_Data files downloaded, using excess bandwidth. The redundancy also uses excess disk space if the user needs to keep previous releases.

It would be nice if FAOSTAT would include an option to download bulk data files with the date appended to the zip file name. A year-month-day (ISO date) order for the date stamp would help with sorting. The csv files within the zip files would not need the date stamp. The date stamp on zip files would be useful for users who need to keep older releases of datasets. Example:
CommodityBalances_Crops_E_All_Data, containing


Re: All_Data files, chronological and with date

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Postby faostatTeam » Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:13 am

Dear Ralph,
thank you for your message and pointers. We will look into your requests.
Best regards,

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