FENIX Workstation FAO
The FENIX Workstation (FENIX stands for Food Security & Early warning Network and Information eXchange. It has replaced the previous name: GIEWS workstation) is a Web 2.0 application able to handle, analyse and publish via tables, text, charts and maps a large variety of early warning- and food security-related information like GIS layers, datasets, satellite images and texts. The tool allows users to efficiently access information and to easily perform data analysis just by using their web browser. The FENIX Workstation is conceived of as a network that facilitates data sharing among the various workstations (FENIX Workstation nodes) installed in national and international institutions. A Information eXchange Tool (IXT) associated with each individual node is key to the smooth functioning of the network as it facilitates the exchange of messages and data among FENIX Workstation nodes. Seamless data exchange is possible thanks to the extensive use of international standards for coding information and exporting data in widely used formats. With this new approach, users will have access to subnational-level data generated and maintained by originators (e.g. national institutions) and will be able to efficiently disseminate data to all members of the network. Developed by FAO and mainly funded by the European Commission, through the EC-FAO Food Security Information for Action Programme it is now supported by a variety of projects and initiatives interested to implement the application in different geographic contexts. The Workstation is designed to allow different users to organize, share and publish spatial and non-spatial information.
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